Week 4

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

This was not a good week at all. Where as last week, a few of my sources fell through but I still had enough for the story. That was so not the case this week.

Tuesday was a pretty busy day for me personally, but I did have a couple of interviews supposed to happen. I ended up not getting a hold of them, however, and was supposed to try on Wednesday for the Farmer’s Market story. So all in all this only took about an hour.  

I met with Tim on Wednesday at 9:00 am for about an hour. Again, we went over what this week will entail, and then we edited a story that I had written for the Sojourn just so I can learn more about writing. We also went over the English tutorial’s quiz. Later that day I was supposed to continue with the Farmer’s Market story, but someone at the Rapidian had practically written it already. Instead I switched it out for a Make-A-Wish Foundation Sundress Social at the Eve. The manager was Jason Ley and I was given his phone number. The call went to voicemail. I decided to put the story on hold and then moved onto the story for the West Michigan Christian News. I was doing a story about Christian businessmen and how they run their businesses. I wanted to talk with a man Tim who has a motor home dealership. He was not in the office when I checked. I also called and left a voicemail. I have yet to receive a call back. All this took about 45 minutes. That evening, I wrote the Maranatha’s blog post about Cecil Murphey and I also sent out emails for Tim. The blog took an hour and the email only took 10 minutes. 

Thursday was a crazy day. My streak of unsuccessful sources and interviews continued. Jason Ley of the Eve called me back and we were unable to meet this week, so we set up an interview for Tuesday. I chose a KaBoom playground build story to sub for that. There were three contacts for that story. I was able to get the Amway lady on the phone, but she was busy and said she would send me information in an email. I have that information, but not quotes. The other two sources fell through. So I then looked into the story about World Refugee Day Arts and Food Festival. I got in contact with a PR lady from the Red Cross and she was able to get me some information, but not a whole lot because some parts of the festival is still in the planning stage. I then wanted for information about refugees so I called Bethany Services and after begin transferred from one person to the next and to the next, I was able to get a hold of someone helpful. Sort of. She gave me a slant for a story to write with the West Michigan Christian News, but because a lot of her information was confidential (such as churches involved with Bethany or refugees they have helped) I had to ask other sources. I found out Grand Rapids International Fellowship is partnered with Bethany Services to do English classes for refugees. However, the man in charge of it will be out of town until Monday. I also had the phone number for a Bhutanese family, but the parents worked a lot and I couldn’t talk to the kids because they are underage. I then fell back to the Christian businessmen and tied to talk to a man who makes office furniture named Reggie VandenBosch, but that failed as well. I knew of Doug who owns Van Hill Furniture out in Zeeland, but because that was out of town, I wasn’t able to visit. I called, but he was not in the office. I hope to try him again next week because I want that interview. All this went from 10:00 am to 4:30 p.m. I ate for an hour at 12:30 so I had a break there. 

Friday morning before I left for my work at Target, I edited the edits from the YfC City Life story from last week and sent it into Doug from the West Michigan Christian News. This took 20 minutes. 

Saturday I was able to meet with Tim again at 9:20 a.m. and it lasted about an hour and 10 minutes. We went over all that happened this week, and what I am doing for next with. Luckily, all the refugee stories do not have to be done until June 23 which is when the festival is. Later that evening I went through the edits for the blog post and the published it. This was about 30 minutes. I also spent an hour searching sites for the social media. I also set up a meeting with Mr. Hughes who is in charge on Summit, and we set up an interview potentially for Thursday. That only took 10 minutes for introductions and then setting the time.

All the interviews for next week seem set up, though!


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