Week 6

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

On Monday, June 18, I did an hour of the english tutorial. I also had a short interview with Kathi Macias to gather information on a blog which I will do in the future about Orange County Christian Writer’s Conference.

On Tuesday, I met with Tim at 9:00 a.m. Again, it was our basic meeting. Later that day I tried to get an interview with Verna Kokemeyer, but she was unavailable so I left a voicemail. At 7:30 that evening I went to a movie screening for Unconditional which doesn’t release until September. I had to get invited and everything which was pretty cool. The producer was there in attendance and after the movie the crowd was able to ask questions. Afterwards I was able to have a short interview with the producer. I was afraid I was going to have to sign a contract or something that would forbade me from talking about the movie (like they do with blockbuster screenings) but luckily I got permission to write an early review as long as I don’t give the plot away.

Wednesday was a pretty lax day. I wrote a Maranatha blog about the last speaker, Eva Marie Everson. I also did some emails for Tim to send to conference attenders.

Thursday was the busier day. I did final edits on the KaBOOM! Story and Eve Make-A-Wish fundraiser story. I also finally got a hold of a refugee for the refugee story, which was good because that story was due by tomorrow. The lady is Ms. Haddad and she runs an Arabic school in Grand Rapids. She was very nice and insightful. I also called Verna again. She answered the phone this time but was very busy that day so we set an interview time for Friday at 11:00 am. That evening I wrote my movie review for Unconditional and the refugee festival story.

Friday morning, I had my interview with Verna. I also quickly edited the refugee story at request of my editor Kolene.

On Saturday I wrote some more emails for Tim about the Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference and did some pre-planning for future stories. I also wrote the Marantha Christian Writer’s Conference story for the paper, but I’ll have to work with Tim a lot more on that one.¬†


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