Week 2

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This week we did a lot of the same things.

On Mon. May 23, I wrote a short blog for Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. It was about the details of their grand prize for their publishing contest. 

On Tues, May 22, I met with Verna for the first time. Verna is the director of Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. 

On Wed, May 23, I had a brief phone interview with Rex Brewer who heads up Wayfinders. That is a refugee ministry. I had contacted him for a story I was doing for the West Michigan Christian News. 

I had a meeting with Tim on Thurs. May 24 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. We went over my biker’s ministry story that I wrote and all the edits and what I could do better. We did the same thing with the blog. Lastly, we talked about the week and what I needed to do.

Later that day I had an interview with Chris Rainer who has a ministry which gives cars to refugees. This was for my story. I also made a few phone calls to local bakeries about a possible National Donut Day story. Later that evening I wrote the refugee ministry story along with a short rough draft of National Donut Day. I also edited the blog.

I continued to edit the refugee ministry story Friday morning, May 25, and sent it to Tim. I received an edited paper from him and later that night revised it.

On Saturday, May 26, I did an online english tutorial which Tim wanted me to do. 

Throughout the week I worked on emails and looked at conference sites for the social media campaigning. 


Week 1

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The first week of my internship started on Wednesday, May 16. I had a meeting with my supervisor Tim Burns. We basically went over and outlined what we hope to accomplish in the next 9 weeks and was also given my assignments for this week. I was to write a story for West Michigan Christian News and Radpidian.org. I was also supposed to email a list of past Conference attenders to try and get them to participate in the upcoming book. Furthermore, I was supposed to write a blog entry for the Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. And lastly, I was to find and contact sites which posted lists of upcoming writing conferences in hopes of advertising on it or being able to be on their list. 

During that meeting I was able to compile my email list and send out an email to everyone. 

Later, I made contact with a source in hopes of writing a story about a one month missions trip to Mexico, but that story fell through. I was then able to get in touch with John Gooch of Roadbed Ministries and was able to set up an interview time for Thursday. 

That evening I found a few sites and emailed them hoping our Writer’s Conference can be posted on their site. 

On Thursday, I went to Roadbed Ministries, a biker ministry, where I met with John Gooch and Anthony Bender. WE had a long interview about the ministry and they showed me around their building, garage, and office. I then wrote the story later that evening. 

Earlier on Thursday I contacted the Salvation Army for some quick questions about National Doughnut Day. I also called the manager of Krispy Kreme for some quotes but he did not have anything helpful to say. After that call I realized that something happened to my recording of the Salvation Army lady – it was gone. So that fell through. I sent an email to another contact and called them back, but haven’t had good luck so far and I will try again on Monday. 

Friday, I met with Tim again and it was another meeting and we did more future planing. We also briefly went over my story and talked about possible changes. Later that evening he sent the draft back to me and I did the edits. I also looked up some more sites. 

If my story is approved and chosen, then I will place a link to the article. As of right now, I only have a wordpress document. 

Summer Internship

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog will be dedicated to my summer internship with Inkwell Communication.